LIFE Groups

lifegroupthinLIFE Groups

(Life in Family Environment)

Our L.I.F.E. Groups are the small group ministry for our church.  They meet each Sunday morning at 8:45 until 10:00 for fellowship, prayer, Bible teaching and planning.  The group will meet at other times for outreach, ministry and fellowships.

Our current L.I.F.E. Groups are:


Birth of the husband before 1945 – Larry Johnson, Teacher  (Co-Ed class)

Birth of the husband 1945-59 – Don Turbyfill, Teacher (Co-Ed class)

Men class 1960-69 – Billy Walton, Teacher

Women's class before 1955 – Donna Heatherly, Teacher

Women's after 1955 – Donna Akers, Teacher

Birth of the husband 1970 and after – Mike Gibson, Teacher (Co-Ed class)

Young Married class – Adam Casey, Teacher

College and Career class – Tim Akers, Teacher


High and Middle School Students – Boys – Adam Casey, Teacher

High and Middle School Students – Girls – Melissa Casey, Teacher


Grades 3-6 – Lin Liles, Teacher

Graces 1-2 – Lynn Walton, Teacher


Birth – 2-5 Year Olds – Sandy Liles, Teacher

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